We are on course for growth

Our extensive new construction program got off to a successful start in 2017. The 86 m long tankers come as hulls from Serbia and the superstructure from the Breko shipyard from the Netherlands.

The focus here is on greater efficiency and a reduction in emissions. With a deadweight tonnage of 1,631 t, the Breko design has increased cargo capacity by 10% compared with ships of comparable size.

The Type C tankers are powered by two Tier III-compliant Volvo engines, which deliver their 1,100 hp via two shafts directly to the two propellers.

The shape of the hull and stern have been optimized, as has the guidance of the shafts, which "bend" inwards by 5° in the stern, as have the propellers. This results in only one propeller jet for much more efficient propulsion
In addition, there is a Van der Velden triple rudder system, in which the outer blades are designed as a profiled rudder and the middle one as a fishtail, in order to increase the performance of our ships.
Equipment of the newbuilding series:
  • Length 86m, width 9,6m, calibration tons 1.610t., type C II-II
  • Boiler (self-heater)
  • Heating coils,
  • Tank coating,
  • Self Cleaning (Butterworth Tank Cleaning Machine)

What we move

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