Technical Centre

The Dettmer Reederei runs its own technical department, which is constantly available to our ships. With a location near the Elbe river, we are able to conduct damage repairs, class supervision, project planning and inspections from our own technical office on short notice, always ensuring the high quality standard of the Dettmer ships.

Our customers benefit from high punctuality. Personnel availability and planned storage of material/spare parts lead to short waiting-/repair-times for the ships. The productive cooperation of the departments within the Dettmer Reederei, such as chartering, technical department and ship occupancy, is the basis for a high level of customer satisfaction.

The technical department is continuously updated in accordance with ADN by being a member of the following organisations:

  • BDB (Federal Association of Inland Waterways), and as a member of the expert committee “Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • EBU (European Barge Union) as a member of the "Commission for Dangerous Goods"
  • Expert committee "Explosion Protection on inland waterway ships

Constantly available for our ships

We know, ships have to drive.